21 Savage Uncloses dating Amber Rose

 21 Savage Uncloses dating Amber Rose

21 Savage Uncloses dating Amber Rose: The relationship hasn’t been official for too long. Savage said he wasn’t dating her last month, when she exposed her crotch in a SlutWalk promo photo. However, he didn’t have a problem with the picture and is encouraging her to do more of the same. “That shit was sexy,” he said. “I love that shit. Keep posting that shit. Keep posting it. I don’t mind none of that shit. She gettin” money.

Not long ago, 21 and Amber were spotted at a grocery store with Rose’s son Sebastian, whose father is Wiz Khalifa. Savage had nothing but admiration for the Taylor Gang boss while addressing the relationship.

‘I ain’t talk to Wiz yet,” he said. “It ain’t no disrespect. I ain’t really around [Sebastian] though. That was just some shit, motherfuckers taking pictures. But at the same token, Wiz a great father. I’m not trying take nothing away from what Wiz do. But if you gon’ be with a woman, you have to accept her child just like she’s gonna have to accept my kids. But I’m not on no step daddy-type shit or no shit like that. He cool though”

Elsewhere in the interview, Savage revealed that, contrary to reports, Drake never bought him a Ferrari, and that he’s squashed his beef with Tyga.

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