28 year old woman abandons husband in jail, dumps baby in orphanage, moves in with 4th husband

Blessing Ochonogor allegedly abandoned her husband’s home, dumped her two-year-old daughter in an orphanage and moved in with her fourth husband in Abuja, Sun reports.

A 34-year-old jail returnee, Paul Jubril, had reported to the police that his wife, Blessing, killed their daughter, Ifeoma, and fled to live with another man. The couple were living together with their two kids before Paul went to jail.


Upon return from Suleja prison about two weeks ago, Paul, discovered that Blessing had fled their apartment with their two kids, Ifeoma and Peter. He later heard that Ifeoma was at an orphanage home.

Police findings show that after leaving her husband’s home, Blessing took Ifeoma to an orphanage home where she lied to them that the baby’s parents had died. The orphanage later discovered that Ifeoma had been infected with HIV.
This prompted officials to return her to Blessing, but it was almost too late as she died soon after. “I have to report the case at Kubwa phase 4 police station Abuja. I didn’t believe that my child could die of HIV. .

When I was going to prison in December 2016, my child was in good health. I don’t know why my child will die of HIV. I don’t have HIV, likewise, my seven years old son, Peter Smith. I want to know the cause of death of my child.

It is Blessing who is responsible for the death of my child”, the angry father lamented. While justifying why she had to move out of Paul’s home, she said, “Whenever I have a quarrel with my boyfriend, he used to beat me to a state of coma.

When I couldn’t bear it anymore, I packed out of the house. I didn’t kill my child. It was frustration that prompted me to take the child to orphanage home. When life is so difficult for me, I have to marry another man.”

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