Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s prophecies for 2017

Rev. Dr Chris Oyakhilome of Believers’ Love World Nation a.k.a Christ Embassy has announced his prophecies for 2017 and says Year 2017 will be the Year of Flourishing.


  • The Year of Luxuriant growth
  • The Year of Significant attainment (News making attainments)
  • The Year of Persistent productivity.

Below are some of the Prophecies released by him for the Year 2017:

  • 1. This Year has been seen from recent years and also the present time of the age. He said wickedness is on the high rise, that even Al-Qaeeda had to disassociate itself from ISIS due to the very nefarious acts committed by the terrorist groups. Pastor Chris said but this Year, God has decided to equip His kids more to be able to win more souls to God’s Kingdom. He said this Year is full of many notable personalities being won to God.


  • 2.This Year was going to see God’s Children come out nourished even in the midst of seemingly difficult times.


  • 3. Pastor Chris pointed out that the gospel would go places this Year, places of seeming horrors and turbulence and he pointed out that the more wicked the Devil gets this Year,God has decided to even be much more gracious by increasing the grace on His children
Though he could have been seen to talk from the angle of great exploits of the Saints this Year, it could be well noted that He points out that there would be more wickedness this Year as been seen in the World but God’s kids who are the light of the world would be more equipped by God and shine by quenching every iota of wickedness.


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